What is Ringworm? Ringworm is a type of fungus that is very contagious to both pets and humans.  Aside from giving your dog bald patches, ringworm can cause itchiness and discomfort.

Diagnosing Ringworm

If you suddenly notice a bald spot on your dog’s coat, chances are it is not because he is getting older.  Sudden hair loss in dogs as well as cats could indicate the presence of ringworm.  And although your dog may catch ringworm from time to time, he may experience nothing worse than a bald spot and mild itchiness.

Ringworm creates ring-like, flaky, bald patches on your dog’s head, ears, back, nails, and paws.  Although the name ringworm sounds like some sort of a curly worm, it is actually a type of fungus that is similar to athlete’s foot.  Ringworm can be easily seen and looks very similar to a ripple forming when you throw a stone in a pond. The growth begins at a middle point and gradually spreads out in a ring shape.  As the fungus grows in the skin cell and hair, the skin may become irritated, reddened, and thickened and the hairs may break off leaving course stubble behind.

The ringworm is contagious to humans, especially children, and other animals.  The extensive spread of this parasite could indicate that your pet’s health is not doing well.  Actually, it is usually the sick, stressed, and weakened ones that acquire serious infestation.  Ringworm that spreads throughout the body is a very serious issue that signifies a severely low immune system.

But unless your dog has a low immune system, ringworm normally goes away on its own within one to three months.  In the meantime, you may still want to relieve the itchiness and discomfort that is associated with this parasite and also reduce the odds of infection to humans and other animals.

Two Ways To Heal Ringworms

Below are two suggestions for clearing up the infection caused by ringworms in order for your furry friend to get a speedy recovery.

1.  Over the counter anti-fungal treatment

You can use an over the counter anti-fungal treatment.  This treatment may come in the form of liquid, ointment, or cream and is effective for controlling the spread of ringworm.

For the treatment to work, rub a small amount of the medication into your dog’s skin twice everyday.  Consult your vet to find out which medication will work best for your dog.

2.  Clipping the hair

In order to prevent ringworm from spreading all over your dog’s body, trim the hair around the area of the bald spots.  Trimming the hair also makes the infected area easier to treat and faster to heal.

To effectively treat ringworm, the first thing you must do is clip the hair around the area of your dog’s bare spot and up to about one half of an inch past it.  You may need to have someone help you keep your dog still or preoccupied in order to prevent you from accidentally injuring the skin.  Clipping the hair will reduce the chances of spreading the ringworm by confining the infection to just that area and also make for an easier application of the treatment.

Remember to carefully dispose the infected hair once you remove it, burning it if possible.  Ringworm can still feed on the hair even after it is off your dog and is contagious on contact. Vacuum the area where you did the clipping to catch loose hairs.  You also need to vacuum carefully and regularly if your pet has ringworm.  Wash bedding, dishes, and utensils with soap and hot water and always wash your hands properly.

A Natural Way To Cure Ringworm

In humans as well as animals, the number of infection from ringworm is steadily increasing.  In fact, ringworm infection is now among the most common if not the most common fungal disease reported.  While children are more vulnerable to ringworm than adults, humans can get infected at any age.  Here is a way you can treat ringworm using a common herb:

You may use the herb goldenseal and make a strong infusion by mixing the powdered herb with one cup of boiling water.  Let it stand until cold then carefully pour the liquid and massage it on the skin about once or twice a day.

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