Sooth Your Dog's Digestive Distress in Days

Have These Warning Signs Appeared in Your Furry Friend?

  • Unexpected Diarrhea & Gas
  • Distinctive Bad Breath or Yeast Infections
  • Constipation Challenges
  • Excessive Shedding Coupled with Itching and Scratchings
  • Sudden Allergic Reactions

You Deserve Peace of Mind, and Your Dog Deserves Comfort.

"Tummy issues be gone!! - Both my furbabies have been having tummy issues and this product has worked wonders for both of them. I am so happy I found it."

- Christina P. Verified Buyer

TummyWorks Powder_160 scoops



100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Easy to Administer: Dogs and Cats Love it

    Recommended Daily Dose: Add the recommended dosage to your pet's food. The powder can be dissolved in a little warm water to help mixing in dry food

    All Cats: 1/2 a scoop daily.

    Dogs up to 15lbs: 1/2 a scoop daily

    Dogs 15-49lbs: 1 scoop daily

    Dogs over 50lbs: 2 scoops daily

    Healthy Transition

    For most pets, taking TummyWorks doesn’t have any side effects other than higher energy and better digestive health. For some, particularly those whose gut bacteria has been out of balance for years, there can be a “transition period”, and it may seem that TummyWorks is not working as expected. This is a crucial time for your pet because the good bacteria in TummyWorks are fighting to overcome the bad bacteria in their gut. As this happens there can be symptoms like gas, bloating and loose stools. It's important to keep giving TummyWorks to give the good bacteria a chance to take over, otherwise your pet may not experience the benefits of a healthy gut.

  • TummyWorks contains an all natural, unique blend of 10 Probiotics, 6 Digestive Enzymes and a Prebiotic specially formulated for cats and dogs.

    Prebiotic: feeds "good bacteria" FOS (fructooligiosaccharide)

    Probiotics, 2 billion CFU's per scoop: Lactobacillus acidophilis, L. Brevis, L. Casei, L. Rhamnosus, L. plantarum, L. reuteri, L. Fermentum, B. bifidum, B. longum, E. Faecium

    Digestive Enzymes: Protease, Cellulase, Amylase, Lipase, Beta-glucanase, Bromelain Other Ingredients Maltodextrin


  • Where's the Scoop?

    We put the scoop inside the container with the powder. Sometimes it sinks to the bottom in transit, so you may need to search for it with a fork or spoon.

    Do I have to mix with water if giving on dry food? The powder seems to be falling to the bottom of the dish.

    Here are some suggestions from our customers:

    We normally add water to our dogs food with the powder to ensure they get the probiotics. We also add steamed carrots and brown rice as well and it has truly helped our 5 dogs.

    I mix the powder in a little Greek, plain, nonfat, non-sugar yogurt and mix it into the dry food. My puppy loves it, gets it all that way, and yogurt is healthy because of it's active cultures.

    Does this have a taste to it...I have very finicky dogs?

    TummyWorks is virtually tasteless, so even very finicky dogs should take it. We also back TummyWorks with a 100% guarantee, so we'd be very happy to refund your order if it's not to their taste.

    Should it be refrigerated?

    TummyWorks can be stored at room temperature, but we think it's best to keep it refrigerated.

    Is TummyWorks made in the USA?

    Yes it's made in the US. FDA inspectors inspect & certify our US facility every year.


  • Probiotics for Dogs & Cats. Best Powder For Allergy Relief, Hot Spot Treatment, Diarrhea, Yeast Infection, Itching. Breath Freshener. Added Digestive Enzymes Improve Digestion. Made in USA. 160 Scoops. Results in 30 Days or Your Money Back

  • TummyWorks 160 scoop

    HELPS YOUR PET’S TUMMY TO WORK AS IT SHOULD: relieves diarrhea, yeast infections, gas, bad breath, scratching, bloating and constipation

    OPTIMIZES DIGESTIVE HEALTH: extracting more energy and nutrients from your pet’s food, improving health and happiness

    DOGS & CATS LOVE IT, MIXES EASILY WITH FOOD and is absorbed faster than tablets or chews

    BOOSTS IMMUNITY: Helps protect your pet against germs and disease. Restores gut health following antibiotic use

    RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: Finish the bottle and if you're not delighted, we'll refund your order

    Why is TummyWorks the Best Probiotic for Dogs and Cats?

    1. Your Pet's Overall Health Starts With the Bacteria In Their Gut

    A healthy gut helps your pet to lead a happy, healthy life. An unhealthy gut causes them to suffer problems like diarrhea, yeast infections, allergies, hot spots, itching and scratching, gas and bad breath.

    2. TummyWorks Relieves Gut Problems.

    Every scoop of TummyWorks is full of the good bacteria your pet needs to overcome the misery of diarrhea, yeast infections, allergies, hot spots, itching and scratching, gas and bad breath.

    3. Veterinarians Recommend TummyWorks

    The unique blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes and prebiotic optimizes gut health, helping your pet to get the nutrients they need from their food. It boosts their immunity, protecting them from germs and disease.

    4. TummyWorks Repairs the Damage Caused By Antibiotics

    Not only are disease-causing bacteria killed by antibiotics, but also your pet's good bacteria. TummyWorks puts the good bacteria back.

    5. Made With The Best Ingredients

    All natural TummyWorks contains the best ingredients, trusted and recommended by veterinarians and 3rd party tested for safety and purity.

    6. Your Pet Will Love It

    TummyWorks is a tasteless powder that mixes easily with food. It contains no additives or preservatives.

    7. Risk Free Guarantee

    Finish the container and if you're not delighted with the results, we'll give you all your money back.

    Choose TummyWorks and help your pet's tummy to work as it should, boosting their health, energy and happiness.