Contrary to popular belief, dogs and cats can have lifelong friendships, especially when living together.

We've chosen our top 5 hilarious compilation of what happens when cats and dogs live together, hope you enjoy :)

1. What Happens When Dogs And Cats Live Together?

Check out these 77 hilarious pictures of when cats and dogs live together featuring:

#1 Silent scream for help
#2 Before and after my dog realizes I'm in the room
#3 My cat disapproves of human/dog love...
#4 Kittens are scary
#5 My cat recently discovered the dog bed
#6 Friend just got a German Shepherd puppy...
#7 B**stard cat
#8 I didn't know I'd have to give up my dog when I got a cat...
#9 Having a cone collar fitted at the vet was bad enough then my dog had to come home to the cat

And many more...

2. Cats And Dogs Living Together 

Check out this handsome quartet of furry friends; Leroy, Stella, Lexi, and Rosie, something tells us the cats can hold their own ;)

3. 10 Cats And Dogs Best Friends

Dogs and Cats can have lifelong friendships. These pals break with tradition and have fun together ...even very BIG cats and dogs.

4. Cats And Dogs Together Are So Silly - Funny Cat & Dog Compilation

Cats and dogs are just the best! So funny and cute. But when they get together.. then the real party starts!

5. Funny Cats and Dog Playing Together 

Cats and dogs can be great friends, check out the video below!

We hope you've enjoyed the compilation we've put together of these hilarious cats and dogs, it shouldn't work but it just does!

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