My 3 young boys (Callum 9, Jamie 6 and Alex 3) love stories. They love listening to them and a special part of my day is just before bedtime, when we open a book and read together. What's even more special is when their eyes twinkle and they tell me a story. Boy have they got super-charged imaginations!

Maybe one day their creativity will help them to craft a mini-story like this one. 

If anyone doubts why dogs are so important in our lives, then this 50+ award winning animation will help them to understand.

It's an amazing video with a magical, must see ending. 

Watch it now...

Students, Jacob Frey and Markus Kranzler created this film together in 2015. It was featured in over 180 film festivals around the world, earning over 50 awards. Jacob now works at Walt Disney Studios and Markus is at Pixar.